Review Process

Articles submitted to the Hirarki : Jurnal Ilmiah Manajemen Dan Bisnis will undergo the following review process:

Initial Review: After submission, each article will undergo an initial review to ensure its alignment with the journal's focus and scope. The editorial team will assess the relevance and suitability of the article for further evaluation.

External Reviewer: Subsequently, the review process will be carried out by an external reviewer who is an expert in the relevant field. The chosen reviewer will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the article's quality, authenticity, methodology, and adherence to academic standards.

Double-Blind Review: To ensure objectivity and impartiality, the review will be conducted using the double-blind review technique. The identities of the authors and reviewers will be kept confidential during the evaluation process. This anonymity eliminates potential biases in the assessment.

Swift Review: The Hirarki : Jurnal Ilmiah Manajemen Dan Bisnis is committed to expediting the review process. Authors can expect review results within two weeks after submission. The journal aims to provide timely feedback to facilitate revisions and timely decision-making.

Communication with Authors: Clear communication with authors is maintained throughout the review process. Authors will be notified via email about the progress of their submission, including review outcomes, revision requirements (if applicable), and the production process if the article is accepted.

Our goal is to uphold the quality and rigor of scholarly publications while ensuring a fair and efficient review process for all authors.